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The O’Brien Center annually has up to $150,000 to fund pilot projects in benign urology research. Ideal projects will facilitate accumulation of preliminary data that can be used for future grant applications and expand the scope of urology research under the auspices of the currently funded O’Brien Centers at the University of Wisconsin-Madison/University of Massachusetts-Boston, Columbia University, and the Mayo Clinic.

Projects that support new investigators with a faculty appointment not already R01 or equivalently funded are especially encouraged. Established investigators not currently doing benign urology research in alignment with the funded centers are also encouraged to apply. The O’Brien Centers have adopted a standard format for application for pilot funding that can be found here.

Please contact us for more information about applying to funds from our center, or contact the Columbia University George M. O’Brien Urology Center or the Mayo Clinic O’Brien Urology Research Center.


The Biomedical Care provides technical resources to center members and other investigators in benign urology, refines current techniques and develops new methods for evaluating mouse lower urinary tract function and histopathology.

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Multiple samples are embedded in a single block to increase efficiency and increase reproducibility.

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